• Coaching is an opportunity for fresh perspective, renewed focus, accountability, and balanced results.
  • Healthy relationships and professional achievements grow through enhanced insight and focus with your very own coach.
  • Invest in yourself and take the time to explore your priorities, abilities, and goals.
  • Working with a coach, you will plan your growth areas and develop action steps to achieve your level of excellence both professionally and personally.


How does it work?
Coaching starts with an initial conversation to explore what you want, your objectives, and what you are considering.  This is followed by exploring your skills, challenges, preferences, and goals.  Based on your desired outcomes, you will work with your coach to create the focus, clarity, and habits that move you toward your goals.  Working with your own coach means you have a strategic partner to create specific action plans, support follow-through with accountability, and experience your level of success.

Coaching Focus -


Business Development:
Create your opportunity to expand your business, increase productivity, and achieve results.

Communication and Conflict:
Enhance professional and personal relationships through understanding and skill development.

Intentional Choices:
Build your career and life the way you want it and move towards your goals easily and naturally.

What can you expect from the coaching relationship?
A thought-provoking and creative one-on-one relationship that will inspire you to maximize
your personal and professional potential.   An ongoing partnership designed to empower you to produce fulfilling results in both your personal and professional lives.

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Cathy Liska, MCC

Authorized IACET certification provider