About Cathy

Cathy Liska is the CEO / Founder of Effect Services and the Center for Coaching Certification.


Cathy’s personal mission statement is “People.”  Cathy is known for her passion in sharing the insight, experience, positive attitude, and information that empower others to achieve the results they desire.


As the Guide from the Side(R)™, she is recognized among the best internationally in training, coaching, coaching conflict, and consulting. Cathy has presented, trained, and facilitated thousand of events, workshops, certification courses, and organizational retreats. She freely shares from her 25 years of experience in business ownership and management.

To ensure she continues to stay current in related fields and areas of expertise, Cathy has earned the following designations: Certified Master Coach Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, Master Certified Coach, Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, Real Estate Broker (in 3 states), Certified Apartment Manager, Certificate of Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Grief Support Group Facilitator, Certified in the Drucker Self-Assessment Tool, Certified Trainer/Facilitator, Certified Family Mediator, and Certified Civil Mediator.


Cathy enjoys coaching, mediation, and training.  Her coaching niche areas include Business Development, Communication and Conflict, and Intentional Choices.  Cathy welcomes up to 12 coaching clients at a time.  Cathy mediates family cases including divorce, parent/teen, and whole family; civil cases include workplace, peer mediation, neighborhood, and real estate. 


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Cathy Liska, MCC

Authorized IACET certification provider